Frequently Asked Questions

1Is there a charge for parents/guests who are just watching? What about children under 3?
In the campfire areas, we charge for all guests as you get the campfire and private hayride. In the indoor birthday party area, there is no charge for guests who are just watching, but they may not participate in any activities and may only stay on the farm during your party. No charge for guests under 3.
2How much does it cost for extra guests to participate if we have a party in the indoor or garden areas?
The discounted group rate is $9.00 per person (ages 3-59) You can choose to pay for extra participants or have them pay for themselves. You must meet the minimum requirements for the garden area before getting the discounted rates.
3Which activities are included with the admission?
Our admission includes all of the activities on the farm with the exception of the Giant Sling Shot (You can purchase 2 gourds for $1 to sling) and Paint Ball Shooting Range ($3 for 25 or $5 for 50).
4How long does a party last?
You may use the indoor party and garden areas for 2.5 hours. However, you and your guests are more than welcome to come early or stay after your party (during hours of operation) to play on the farm. You must watch the time and remove your personal items from the party area prior to the end of your 2.5 hours as we need to prepare for the next party. You may stay in the campfire areas for longer time frames.
5What is the indoor party area like?
The indoor party areas are located in our banquet facility, The Homestead of Radnor. This building is heated and cooled with indoor restrooms. There is also a full working kitchen that may be used upon prior request. The entire banquet room is 60 foot by 70 foot and can comfortably divided into 4 sections to hold 4 regular size parties or up to 300 guests if having a large party. Each party has their own section with enough picnic tables to seat its guests as well as 2 additional serving tables. There are electrical outlets by the serving tables. There are no walls between party areas, but the main room is not open to the public, although the restrooms are. All play areas are within close walking distance.
6What is the campfire area like?
The campfire area is in a maintained wooded area not far from all of the activities, yet it is away from the general public. You will have a campfire, four picnic tables and 2 serving tables. Sites 1, 3, and 5 have electricity. Campfire areas are not sheltered and are weather dependent. Parties will need to be cancelled for rain-outs and high wind days.
7What is the garden area like?
The garden area is directly behind the house. It has several picnic tables and serving tables. It is close to the activities, yet away from the general public. There are electrical outlets on the backside of the house that can be used.
8What are the Indoor party time times?
9Garden party times
Please e-mail to book one of these areas.
10Campfire area/hayride times
We set up two booking times on-line 10-2:00 or 3:00-7, however, those times can be somewhat flexible. You may also rent these areas after dark. Please e-mail for special booking times to make sure we make a note on our calendar.
11What if it rains?
If you rent an indoor space, there is no need to cancel for inclement weather. There will still be plenty to do undercover. If you rent an outdoor space, we recommend cancelling or rescheduling on a different day if it’s a rainy day.
12Where do we check in for the party and where should I tell my guests to go?
Birthday parties and some other group events (if previously arranged) will park at The Homestead (2866 State Route 203 Radnor) and check in with the cashier or party host there. All other group events will park in the main lot (2920 State Route 203) and check in through the ticket booth or other designated area. If you get to your party area early, please be respectful of parties finishing up prior to your party.
13Do we need to bring our own wood for the campfire?
No. We supply and start the campfires for you. You will just have to add wood (supplied) to keep it going throughout your party.
14Can we roast Marshmallows or Hotdogs if we are renting a campfire area?
Absolutely! We just do not provide the roasting sticks (or hotdogs or marshmallows).
15Is there a deposit?
We collect deposits for the indoor and campfire areas.
16Can we bring our own food, drinks, and desserts to the farm?
Absolutely! You are more than welcome to bring your own food and drinks. We just ask that you clean up and/or take whatever you bring onto the farm home with you.
17Do you offer food?
Yes. We sell food at the farm on weekends and bonus days (and for large groups during the week upon request).
18Is there electricity available at the party areas?
Yes. There is electric available for several crockpots in the indoor party areas as well as in the garden area and at three of the campfire areas.