We are a family owned and operated farm. We farm approximately 1100 acres of corn, wheat and soybeans in addition to our pumpkins and gourds. Shawn Lehner started selling pumpkins when he was 13 years old, 29 years ago, when he sat the pumpkins he grew for a 4-H project out by the road. He sold the whole wagon load. We’ve gone from that first wagon load to 50 acres of pumpkins and gourds that we proudly sell to many central Ohio businesses, as well as at our farm.

Our whole family is involved in the business. Shawn’s mom and wife (Shelly and Christy) plan, organize and operate the weekend activities, Shawn continues to run the wholesale business, Shawn’s sister Sheryl and her husband Matt run the Harvest Cafe, Shelly buys and sells items in the gift shop, Christy manages the school tours, and the grandkids are the inspiration for all of the new activities and primary “activity testers!”

We of course couldn’t do it without the dedicated help of many wonderful family and friends throughout the years. Most of all we thank God for blessing us with this business and the opportunity to work outside and enjoy His creation everyday!