Frequently Asked Questions

1Do you charge admission and what is included?
Yes. Weekend and COTA Day Admission is $10.00 for children 3-17, $8.00 for adults 18-59, and free for guests under 3 and 60+.
Weekday admission is $5.00 for anyone ages 3-17 and $4.00 for adults 18-59 doing activities. (Please note that all activities are not operating during the week.)
There is no admission charge if you are simply purchasing pumpkins or items in the gift shop. Your paid admission includes all of the activities available on the farm that day. The only activities not included are the Giant Sling Shot ($1.00 for 3 gourds) and Paint Ball Target Shooting ($3 for 25 or $5 for 50).
2How much do you charge for activities?
All activities are included in your admission, with the exception of the giant sling shot, paintball target shooting and arrowhead hunting areas. The giant sling shot costs $1.00 for 3 gourds to sling. The paintball target shooting will be 25 paint balls for $3 or 50 for $5.
3How much do your pumpkins cost?
Our pumpkins range in price from a $2.00 pie sized pumpkin up to a very large $12.00 carving pumpkin. When available, we also sell giant squash that are priced according to their weight. These usually range between $12-20.
4Do you sell food and how much does it cost?
Yes. On Saturday, Sunday and COTA (Central Ohio Teachers’ Association) Day only. (We do not have food available during the week, except for special events.) This year we will have some limited food options on our Bonus Monday’s and Fridays. We have a wide variety of food options from fair style foods to farm fresh options. (Follow the link to view these.) Food items on the menus range from approximately $1.50-9.00
5What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash and most major credit cards. Sorry, checks are only accepted for group events, birthday parties and school tours. (We have credit card readers at the gift shop, ticket booth and food vendors for your convenience.) This year, we are also offering online ticket purchasing for your convenience.
6Does the farm close for rain?
We do not usually close, as we stay open for our indoor birthday parties. Many of our outdoor activities cannot operate if the weather is poor though, so it would be more enjoyable to come on a nicer day. If we would need to close due to the weather, we will post it on our Facebook page. Our website will not be updated that quickly.
7Does it get muddy on the farm?
Yes. If it has been raining prior to your visit, it could very well be muddy. We have some gravel parking, but most is in the grass and field. Also, our corn maze is in a field, and many of our other activities are set up in the grass. We suggest wearing old shoes or rain boots if it has rained.
8Can I bring my dog?
Yes. We allow friendly dogs on leashes. We just ask that you are responsible for their clean up and respect other visitors by maintaining control at all times. Please note that there has been some evidence from the CDC that small animals such as dogs, cats, and rabbits can catch COVID-19. The only reason we might suggest leaving your pets at home this year is to keep them safe.
9Is your farm wheel chair and stroller accessible?
We have numerous wheelchair and stroller bound guests every fall. We have at least 3 handicap accessible Port-o-Pots, and indoor restrooms with handicap stalls (at a further distance). Most places on the farm are flat enough for wheel chairs and strollers. Aside from the barns, all other surfaces are mowed yard, gravel, or dirt, which is just the nature of a farm. Some strollers such as joggers as well as wheel chairs with larger (off road) wheels would work best if you have them. Motorized chairs do not always work well (depending on the tires). If your chair or stroller works in your yard and on stone, you should be just fine. Our hayrides are not specifically handicap accessible, but if the guest is able to be moved from a chair, we will do our best to help them on.
10Are you open during the week?
Yes, we are open Tuesday through Friday from 4:30-7:00 pm to the public. During 2020 we will also be open most Mondays and Fridays during October (see BONUS DAY CALENDAR.) We are only open to school tours and private groups during the day (Mon-Fri). You may participate in some of the activities during the weeknights, but many that require extra help to run are not open. (Click here to see the weeknight activity list.)
11Do you serve food during the week?
This year Woo Doggies Hotdog stand and The Twisted Lemon lemonade stand will be open on the BONUS Monday’s and Fridays that we are open in October. I’m sorry, we do not sell food Tuesday through Thursday nights. We are not usually busy enough during the week to serve food. We sometimes have sweets, kettle corn or food items for sale in the gift shop and drinks are always available for purchase, but the Harvest Cafe and the Kettle Corn stations are not open during the week. We do serve food on COTA DAY FRIDAY (check our calendar link for this date as it changes each year). We can provide food during the week if large parties request it. School groups and parents must bring their own food and drinks if having lunch at the farm. We do not have drinking fountains.
12Do you offer group discounts?
Yes. We offer discounts for groups of 20 or more. Contact us at for discount options and to schedule your group’s visit. Discounts are only honored if you contact us at least 1 day in advance.
13How long does it take to get through your corn maze?
It all depends on your group and your sense of direction! Some people have made it through our 10 acre corn maze in as little as 15 minutes (maybe less) and others have taken close to an hour.
14Do you have a lost and found?
Yes. We have a lost and found in the gift shop which gets quite full by the end of the season! To check for lost items, you can either stop in during business hours, call or e-mail us.
15Can I smoke on the farm?
Lehner’s Pumpkin Farm is a non-smoking farm, due to the safety hazards (aka… dried corn mazes and straw are highly flammable) as well as the comfort of the rest of our guests. If you need to smoke, we ask that you do so in the parking area, please.
16Do you sell apples and jugs of cider at the farm?
No. Sorry, we only grow pumpkins, gourds, soy beans, corn and wheat. We do not grow apples.
17Do you have weddings on your farm?
Yes! Many couples have started there marriage right here on our farm! If you are interested in starting your “Happily Ever After” at our farm, check us out at or e-mail Christy at or call 740-361-0055. We rent the Homestead of Radnor (white banquet facility south of the farm) and rent out the woods for wedding ceremonies.
18Do you rent your new red barn?
No. I’m sorry. We no longer rent this building.
19What are your hours?
For complete list of hours, see our calendar.